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Why PAC Shield?

Pac Shield Roof Services prioritizes your time and money, by utilizing our commercial roofing expertise, the highest quality materials, and the dedication of our team, to delivering exceptional project management, service and satisfaction. We specialize in commercial, government, and industrial roofing, waterproofing and sheet metal services. Pac Shield is a Skilled and Trained Workforce, and are certified, trained installers of every major roofing manufacturer. Our mission is to team with small business partners and execute mutually beneficial organizational goals. We understand the process to delivering a high-quality, warrantable roof system. Our clients benefit from knowing their roofing needs are being met by skilled professionals. Learn more…

What we can do for you

Roof Inspections

Let the Pac Shield team provide an inspection of your roof and develop a preventive maintenance plan for annual service, so that the sun, rain, wind, leaves, ice, and contractor work areas, and debris do not damage your roof and the interiors as well. learn more…

Roof Restorations

Why replace when you can efficiently restore your aged roofs with a fluid-applied roof system? Our customized approach to every roof restoration project provides a solution tailored specifically to your wants, needs, and budget. learn more…

Leak Repair

We provide full leak service and repair services to commercial, multifamily residential and retail buildings, as well as governmental and industrial. Roof leaks may cause significant damage in the short and long term if not addressed immediately. learn more…

Metal Roofing Systems

There are many benefits to metal roof systems and metal wall panels, including extreme weather resistance and contemporary, sleek aesthetics. Pac Shield Roof Services are skilled installers of…learn more…

Membrane Roofing Systems

Pac Shield Roof Systems understands the process to delivering a high quality, warranted singly ply roof system to meet your specifications as a building owner or general contractor. learn more…

Built Up Roofing Systems

These highly reliable waterproof membranes are field-fabricated roof systems with layers of bitumen, alternating with plies of reinforcing felts and can be installed hot or cold. learn more…

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New construction, emergency damage repair, small repairs or regular maintenance – PAC Shield Roof Services does it. Focusing on commercial properties, we offer preventative maintenance programs, repair service, fluid applied roof systems and restorations, commercial roof inspections, and emergency leak response services.

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You can be assured of quality work based on our reputation for providing service that exceeds customer expectations. We believe this is one of the keys to our success. We pride ourselves on our professional craftsmanship and use only the best materials and the right equipment for each job.
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We are committed to excellence in all aspects of our business. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, and our reputation proves it. Your time and money is precious, and our dedicated team uses our roofing expertise along with the finest materials to deliver the highest quality and cost-effective product.
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“We have been contracted with PSRS from Tenant Improvement jobs for many of our properties and recommend their work.”

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“We look forward to a long term relationship with PSRS for our roofing repair needs for many of our properties.”

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