Pac Shield Roof Services is a full service, premier roofer serving Northern California.

Our Services

Whether you have a new construction project, or need to immediately replace an old or damaged roof, or just a simple drain cleaning or gutter repair, we can help. Pac Shield Roof Services offers preventative maintenance programs, repair service, fluid applied roof systems and restorations, commercial roof inspections, and emergency leak response services. Our clients include commercial building owners, property management companies, facility managers, general contractors and public agencies.

Roof Inspections

Let the Pac Shield team provide an inspection of your roof and develop a customized preventive maintenance plan for annual service, so that the sun, rain, wind, leaves, ice, contractor work areas, and debris do not damage your roof, and the interior space as well. We also provide full-service inspection services for real estate transactions and commercial building owners, and provide preventative maintenance recommendations for government, commercial, industrial, multi-family, medical, retail and educational buildings of all types, including all types of roof systems.

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Metal Roofing Systems

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Designed to offer functionality and energy efficiency, there are many benefits to metal roofing, and insulated metal wall panels and insulated metal roof panels. These systems embody attractive styling and cutting-edge energy efficiency to add value to any commercial or industrial building. Pac Shield is a skilled and experienced installer of metal roof systems, insulated metal roof systems, insulated metal roof panels, insulated metal wall panels, roof panel systems and insulated wall panel systems. Metal roofing benefits including extreme weather resistance and contemporary, sleek aesthetics.

Membrane Roofing Systems

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Pac Shield Roof Systems understands the process to delivering a high quality, warranted singly ply roof system to meet your specifications as a building owner or general contractor. These systems are energy efficient, and resist damage from UV rays and have heat-reflective properties that are excellent for warmer climates; single-ply roofing membrane is ideal for a wide range of low-slope commercial roofing applications and building types, including airports, restaurants, and manufacturing facilities due to its inherent resistance to grease, fuels, air conditioning coolants, and other harsh chemicals. We are certified installers of every major roofing manufacturer and understand how to find the right system for your reroof or new construction project

Built Up Roofing Systems

Built up roofs provide multiple layers of protection, so if the top layer is damaged, the additional layers below will continue to protect the building from water intrusion, making these a popular roof system for low or flat-slope buildings. These highly reliable waterproof membranes are field-fabricated roof systems with layers of bitumen, alternating with plies of reinforcing felts and can be installed hot or cold. Asphalt roof systems have been used for over a hundred years in the United States. Still a popular choice and commonly called Built Up Roofing, or BUR, these are long lasting systems and provide excellent restoration options due to their durability. Pac Shield Roof Services are skilled installers of every major roofing manufacturer and understand the process to delivering a high-quality, warranted BUR system.

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Leak Repair

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We provide full leak service and repair services to government, commercial, industrial, multi-family, medical, retail and educational buildings of all types of roof systems, including flat and pitched. Roof leaks may cause significant damage in the short and long term, if not addressed immediately by experienced roofing professionals.

We offer leak repair services to the Sacramento region, the Central Valley, and the Bay Area in California. We combine our years of roofing expertise, the highest quality materials and equipment, and our professional dedication to delivering exceptional service and quality leak repair in Northern California. Pac Shield takes great pride in our industry experience and our clients benefit from knowing their roofing needs will be met by highly skilled, trained and certified professionals, acting on your behalf with responsibility and expertise.

Roof Restorations

Why replace when you can efficiently restore your aged roofs with a fluid-applied roof system? Our customized approach to every roof project provides a solution tailored specifically to your wants, needs, and budget. Pac Shield’s extensive range of fluid-applied roofing systems can restore a deteriorating, but still functioning, roof into a long-lasting, highly efficient weatherproofing system for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Fluid-applied roof systems are an excellent choice for new construction projects, as well. At Pac Shield, we understand the requirements of a fully warranted fluid-applied roof system, using the right equipment and the proper application procedures.
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Public Works

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